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Internal equipment of the vessel must be safe, durable and crew-friendly. These are prerequisites for the vessel to go on its maiden voyage. However, today the vessel has more functions than just being a vehicle. It can serve as a cargo repository, resort place or a research laboratory on the water.

Aros Marine provides outfitting and interior services for various types of vessels (cargo, passenger, specialized), meeting client’s needs and fulfilling a planned functional specificity of the vessel. Advanced project management and turnkey solutions ensure a complex preparation of the vessel to go onto the high seas. Fair seas and a following wind!


Aros Marine team has developed a service delivery system, which can help you save time and money. We provide comprehensive refurbishment services for walls, ceiling, floor, furniture and other parts of the internal premises of the vessel, while the vessel is sailing or undergoes an inspection at the dock.

We offer renovation of vessel walls by mounting pre-cut steel or aluminum sheets directly onto the old walls, thereby avoiding the need of tearing them down. This is a very cost-effective solution. The service can be carried out while the vessel is sailing.

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