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Containerized FIFI set


Containerized Fire Fighting unit consisting of one skid mounted diesel engine close coupled to a fire water pump by means of a flexible coupling. The container is designed with an integrated fuel tank for initial start up. Inside the container two fully thermally insulated exhaust silencers are mounted. Combustion air for the diesel engine and container ventilation is provided by an electric driven fan powered by an externally supplied power source. The air intake is protected against rainfall and water ingress by using baffles if front of the air intake. To start the diesel engine two starting batteries are included which will be charged by the diesel engines when running or by an external power supply. Water is discharged by a manual operated roof mounted fire water monitor with branch pipe and is able to cover a distance of 120 meters. In addition the container is equipped with several suction hoses and one suction manifold suitable for six hoses to connect.


The containerized Fire Fighting unit is designed for on- and offshore purposes. For offshore purpose the container is suitable for Fi-Fi class I notification. In order to fully comply with Fi-Fi class I notification two containers are required to get the right amount of water flow.

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